Letter written to Thomas A. Capps

Troy MO, 1889

Dear Son & family I wonse more take my pen in hand to let you no we ar Still living with onley tolerable helth hoping this will reach you & find you all well & doing well with A good prospect of crops an helth we have as promasing A prospect for crops hear in Lincoln as I ever Saw if no misfortune thare will be A bundance of feed this winter

Well I have just eat my dinner had cornfield beans & sweet cor rostenyears & thay ware splendid we have a good garden & rosenyears pach we have the largest unions we ever raised an more of them we are putting up cucumbers and Saving lots of garding seeds we have Several froot trees growing nice & About 30 grape vines Doing well I think Some of our trees & vines will bare next year I paid 50.c A tree for my apple trees of the Louisana nurcery thay are his beste thay are from the erleast to the latist beste

Well Thomas I have heard from Several of my connection that I haint herd from cince the ware I wrote A letter to the postmaster that keeps Haynes post office his cleark ansurd my letter complet Give me lots of Satisfaction & information I wrote Casander hamilton She is my oldest neace married A brother of aaron Hamilton I am one year older than her I was born in 1814 & her in 1815 She is getting pretty feble thoug She ses She has plenty of this worlds goods to do her as long as She lives thare is A bout 5 capps living in that part of tennessee and vary few of the yadon I got a letter from Nelson yadon in ansure to the one I wrote to the post master Nelson give A greadeale of information that I requested to know the clerk at the postoffice is A son of moris Adkins a gun smith that come to our house often I believe he come as A boe Amongst the girls haynes post office is kept by A Mr Walker at capps for(d) in clinch river whare 40 & 50 boys met evry Sunday through Summer to swim tussell play & some times pull A little wool anderson & little Jake Capps fought nearly evry Sunday anderson whipt him evry time Nelson wrote to me he sed Esther Mc Dowel that married nathan Mc Dowel  who burnsids captured at the battle fought on the old Joe yadon farme thay taken nathan & bill Davis nathans nephue to camp morten indiana & report was currant that thay Starved nathan & bill to Death I wrote to Esther for her to write the cirtinty A bout the way Mc & bill  was treated while in prision Nelson Sed Esther was living with Jeff yadon in loural co Kentucky She is in ?9 years of age & is blind Jeff is ether

A son or grand son of old Jake yadon brother of prock I look for A letter from Ether & Jeff next week thare is a young widow living on our old place in tenn She is worth 6 or $7.000 doing well on the place Cassa wrote that Bill yadon & wife & John lays wife was all ded Elexander her husband died Oct 16 1863 Cassa was born Sept 30 1815 bill her father was born Dec 25 1795 sally her mother was born January 14 1797 those of bill & Sallys family that is ded Billey Sally Lotty Thomas mary Sampson ann & Bill yadon & Johns wife is all burried at the old hamilton grave yard the living Cassa John Jasper Louis is all living on the hamilton farm Esther in greencastle ind marah Mo Bethpage po rebecca in idaho territory Cornwell po I think Cassa owens in A bout all of the old hamilton farmes the best farm that I new of in tennessee & as good A farm as I ever Did See any whare well Thomas I have bin trying to sell out but failed So fare have you Sould or can you sell I want to buy A little place thar is close to I. C.

Write soon  D K & hariett capps T A & family