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Family Names of Interest

Like so many other genealogical researchers, I have a few family surnames and trees that are of particular interest to me. In my case it is because they are my direct ancestors, and to some extent, of unique intrigue to me. The following links take you to specific sections of this page where I have provided links related to each name. Pages within my own site are listed first, then those that lead to other sites follow.

Capps - Caps


Henthorn - Henthorne, Hinthorn, Hawthorn


Family Letters and Stories

Various letters and stories have come into my possession in the form of handwritten pages. Either written by the person mentioned, or rewritten by descendants of theirs, I have transcribed the text as best I can. The scanned images will be coming along soon. Please write to me with comments or if you have any additional information regarding these letters and stories.

David Kenney (D. K.) Capps: D. K. was a prolific record keeper who, toward the end of his life, wrote much of his recollections in a journal. Parts of that journal have been found and are provided here. He also recorded various memories of his family and relatives.


William Vernon: During the War Between the States, William Vernon (age 18) voluntarily enlisted with the 145th Ohio INF. After mustering out of the 145th, William (then age 19) enlisted with the 194th Ohio INF. His military records were requested from the National Military Archives and are presented here in SID format images:

145th Reg INF
Organized at Camp Chase, OH and mustered in 12 May 1864. Left state for Washington, D.C. May 12. Attached to 1st Brigade, De Russy's Division, 22nd Army Corps and assigned to garrison duty at Forts Whipple, Woodbury, Chase, Untilinghast and Albany. Defenses of Washington, south of Potomac, until August. Repulse of Early's attack on Washington, July 11-12. Mustered out 20 Aug 1864.

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194th Reg INF
Organized at Camp Chase March 1865. Left state for Charleston, W.VA. March 14. Assigned to General Egan's Provisional Division, Army of the Shenandoah. Operation in the Shenandoah Valley until April. Ordered to Washington D.C. and garrison duty there until October. Mustered out 24 Oct 1865.

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