(copy made from journal has faded spots or indiscernible writing. Question marks have been added in places that were hard to read. LLH)

A Sketch of D.K. Capps Life

Transcribed as he wrote it:

A Sketch of D K Capps life from birth was born in the Date of 1814 January 29 1814 in Este Tennesee Grainger County in the hickry vally one mile west of Capps forde on Clinch river whare cuts through and Divider the lone mountin and hineses ridg father moved Across Clinch river into Claborn County the river the line between Grainger and Claborn father settled on bare creek rite Across from the hickry vally one mile from Clinch river in Claborn county he lived thare till the Date 1828 when he moved with his family to Lincoln County MO and Settled on Cuivre at what was caled the hackburry Bottom whare he Died in the Date of 1832 if remember rite in the same year I married Permelia Armstrong the oldest daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Armstrong thay lived on turkey creek Lincoln missouri I lived at Several at Several different places in Lincoln Co untill the Date of 42 when I moved to the mines Grant Co wisconsant thare I made quite A little raise I then moved to the mines in illines to apple river Settled in Georgetown whare my wife and 2 children Died. I made lots of money while I live at georgetown after my wife Died I Brokt up housekeeping and came back to Lincoln Co MO in 47 I thar lernt the carpenter traid with Bill Wagoner we bilt A Storehouse for John mcc?mi? in westport then I built A house in west parairy in lincoln Co MO for the widow wombles finished it in the Date of 50 then went with my 2 boys to Schuyler Co MO and in 52 I went back to Grant Co wisconsin worked at the carpenter trade till 54 then went to Bada? Co wisconsin Settled in the town of Dodgville left Dodgville in 60 and went to pikes peak in 60 with 6 others as partners we bought 3 claims pad 1000 Dollars for the 3 claims Soon I taken the mountain fever 2 others of the company became puny we concluded to come back to the states for our helth told the other 4 to keep the claims goon and thay mout have all thay could mak throu the winter and we would return in the Spring that winter thay Sould the claims come home in Spring paid each one of us 3. 100 Dollars each one of our partners put 4600 Dollars in the bank at alltuna Ioway we thaught we was badley yeukerd it looked very suspicis

after our partners Sould the claims then men that bought the claims make $30 to the hand per day and thay are working claims yet this 93 this was in when we bought the claims was california gulch now ledvill (Co) in 61 brother Jacob and myself rented a grist and Sawmill together Just as the ????? ware broke out I had bought A pece of land of my brother and moved the mill over in to A hevey body of white oak timber to Saw lumber to

improv our land the abolishans Souldiers thratend to burn our mill as thay burned nearley all the mills in the country that belong to white men times got So hot I told Jacob I was going to leve the mill I dident want to see the mill burn I told him he mout have all he could mak So I went and Joined Bill Duns command for A shirt time the 2 day after I Got to Dun he divided his men into 3 companies which No About 60 to each company thare was 3 points to fill one was to for one company to take in one Set of mors pickits Station at a cirtin point one other was to take in A company that went N of memphes to Steel hors feed the other company to Atacte A compey cent out to Ptesle ?? proviend at lainer to make the Atacte at ?????  ????  laine General Dun in command of the Company that was detailed to take in the rogus that went north to steeal horse feed capton mcintush in command of the company to take in the pickets capton (blank) to atact the lainer provision theves at A cirtan lain I was detailed in Capton (blank) compenys orders was to each company to meete at A cirtin ford on the fabby(?) creek on report Machentus Just before he go to the pickets by ordered his men to lite an examin thar arms and Saddles in getting of thar horses one mans ?????? caut in A button hole of his over coat and fired of Slitly clippin A mans lip the report give the alarme So near head quarters mackintosh expected mors hole force after them he orderd A retreat and thay made thar escape Our company had to ride About 20 miles we run our horses A good part of the distance and we was just 21 minute late it was so close headquarters we ware toulted to pursue as mors hole rigment was Stationed memphus So we Scatered for the night all companys met at the place apointed on the fabbys next morning to report our company and make entire reported as I have stated dun reported his Company killed eleven ????? that evening we all Started out the fedes reported 11 killed that evening which confirmed Duns report I left dun and went to phtographing folowed 3 years during or in time of the war

after I lefte Dun went and Joined General Green at bee branch to fight General hullert/hulbert at Kirksvill Adarh county MO I foullowed careing guns to Green for Sometime Green and hullert/hulbert was great Croneys and report was that the generals agreeds between themSelves not to fight each other and green Started South to meete General price to fite the battle at lexiton on the missourie river price and green came out victorous then went South

I left Green at bee branch went home and Soon went into fotographing foulowed that bussiness A good part of the war I finaly Sould out my photoGraphing out fit and went home in wisconsin ??? ??? and bought 40 acres of land I bought A Double fraim house moved it on my land got it all riged up with in 20 feet of 3 Good springs had things nice and handy

One day me and the old lady got in to a little ill hummered muss and tore up the Blanket I tuck my part and lefte I left her the land house A cow A little waggon and $60 in money I tuck $12 and went to potocia Grant Co wisconsin in 65 was thare whe the newes came of president lincoln assasanation the radical heathens was threting to hang A lady for Saying She dident expect to Shead tears over it the men of better Sense an princaple interfeared and Stoped it in 1866 I went to Burling Iowa I went in 68 to dallas city hancock co illinois I went from Dallas City in 68 to Lincoln co missouri worked at carpenter till 74 in this time me and Isaac houshell

worked together part of the time I finished A house and bilt a Ninewe barn for benton Capps then me and houshell bilt A splnded barn for Jack Gilland we bilt the hawk point meeting house beside Several other Smaller Jobes me and ????? bilt A hous at farin(?) for lige olns(?) in 75 in the Saime year 1875 I maried Hariett Slaven august the 13 we Settled on the old Slaven farme her father willed to her

We Sould the farme and bought town property in the city of Troy our property in the city was valued at $1000 thare was one house on the property I built 2 others and from the ??? we moved on the Slavens farm in 75 and while we lived in troy I had 4 hard Spells of pneumonia put me past work and while in Troys had all three of my houses burne to Ashes with nearley all our house hold furniture except a vary little I got up 3 more houses lived in one and rented out the 2 the fire and Sickness curtailed my property So low I Sould out for $300 Dollars I left Troy the 30 Day of august 1890 landed at my Sons (Isaiah) the august the 30 1890 bought A little of 50 acres not being able to work the rent of the farme wasent Suffiant for my Suport I Sould out and moved to Kansas Got to my Sons the 3 day of feb 1892 whare I now live on my Son tomas farm I am in my 80 year of age this may first 1893 this ends my history to the presant Date