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The Journals of D. K. Capps

David Kenney (D. K.) Capps kept a very detailed handwritten journal during the latter part of his life. In the journal he recorded some very interesting and informative details about his family, the times he lived in, and his own thoughts. We are in the process of scanning and providing the journal to our visitors so that you may also read and learn about the Capps family and some of the history surrounding D. K.'s  life.

These images are in SID™ format. The SID format for photos and scanned images allows easy viewing of large files, but requires very little loading time. As little of the image as possible is downloaded to present on the display screen. Even so, you can zoom-in to get the full details of the image as well.

Available from LizardTech, various forms of the MrSID viewers are available free of charge. If you are not familiar with SID-format images, we strongly recommend you investigate them.

The viewers and tools are available by clicking HERE - LizardTech™ MrSID™ Photo Products

Each page is shown with the first few words from the text. Please note that the spelling errors are as written, not as it should be spelled.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The following images and text are for non-commercial personal use and research only. Any other use may violate copyright and other laws.

  1. "A Sketch or memorandom of Old Mr Thomas Capps the first Capps ever none in America" - Image Text
  2. "Bouth moved from tennessee to schuyler county missouri and in time of the rebebelion war" - Image Text
  3. "A brother to Nathan mcDowell thay married sisters John moved to mo Jackson CO" - Image Text
  4. "Daniel maried nancy wagoner she Died in Lincoln co mo he married A Gain he married A Miss butler" - Image Text
  5. "in Adarh Co in sted of Schuyler Co peggys and my mother Died at the same place and was burried at the Same grave yard" - Image Text
  6. "(Syier (Squire) Moore) in tennesee thay moved to houred Co Mo and Died in houerd or linn" - Image Text
  7. "run in on them and commensed Shooting them Shot 2 or 3 balls in hiram and 16 in his Son" - Image Text
  8. "in time of the war Anderson and his wife Died A few year after the war closed" - Image Text
  9. "Willes Capps the youngist of fathers Brothers brothers he married Betesy (Betsy) yaden in tennessee" - Image Text

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