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DK Capps - The Ghost Story

Troy MO
Lincoln County MO
July 19, 1893

Short Story experienced Lincoln County MO in 1850-51. S.W. Side of West prairie at a point caled thicket and between this point and course -----hills, stood a little cabin clabord side and loft with punchon floor dobd with mud. In this cabin lived Mr & Mrs Pin (Pine?) one son and two orfens children which consisted the family. It finaly was norated through the neighborhood that this cabin has become haunted which quite an excitement amongst the neighbors become so excited they concluded they would attend the cabin of knights to see if thay could xecte the offel bugher. The first idea with the neighbors was that some unnone person was playing of on the family and for someone thar would from 3 to 5 go of knight and some knights so many gether som would go home and come another time. Nearly evry man before he went to the place would say I can Decte the bougher when hes get hom the question would be asked What was it you would Hear? Som fumbling grunt and likely the fellow would lite his pipe.

            Many people came from all parts of Lincoln Co. for many months. Now for the commensment of the Scers tricks cuteys performances wonders and amazements the family sed the first thing that acured unuesuly was one knight apparantly the cubbord fell over and smashed everything in Side all to peces. Next morning the cubbord and dishes up all rite. Next was knocking and droping things in differ places of the house. Droping heavy things in the loft when people begin getherin in it got worse. It would get in bed with the men lay and Snore loud. It would pull the cover of the men drag them up before the fire rap up in the covers and snore very loud but when thay go for thar covers it was gone had disapeared but thar when thay started. 

            Different people came evry knight for months. Nearly all would descover different proformances evry knight. Thar would be from 5 to 16 rocks threwed and a half bushel money or a larg bulk of dirt balls in the loft rite over head while men was yet setting up. Balls would fall in the loft and role Slanting Down the wal over legs in bed. Hurt and mume thar legs -----the bedsted. We will name this hant hero a handy name. Sometimes hero would pound the young man that belonged to house and preste his brest till nearly Stop his breth and Slap his face Make smart and burn. His name was Billey Pine. Those orfent children Make them crye biterly. People could hear them Swich plain. This was done Many different times heard by many men. Hero slaped many of the mens faces. Hero tride to take the cover frome men that hillon. Hero would pull hard a nuff to make the stiches crack in the quilts. Tha Sed it hard holding to out pull Hero. As aperance of seting the table hero don that often. Thay could hear him walk from cubbord to the table with his load of plats. The men dident up for to take supper with hero after all his trouble. He apeared to use a great -ell of rainy seting evry thing to its proper place. 

Amongst other tricks hero had a habbit of lifting a cirting punchen in front of the fire place and when the punchen would be lifted thare would apeare a brite lite like fire under the floor. 

One knight Press Wombles and Daniel Pine was seting before the fire. Thay each saw this punchen starte to raise. Thay bouth jumped on the punchen and hero raised it with bouth men some 6 to 8 inches hilled it sometime and let it sudlen drop. Press Wombles lived a half mile from this hero cabin. One night thar happened to be severel men at his house some men was standin out in the yard and they saw an offel big lite, Apearantlly about the hero cabin. Thay supposed the cabin was burning. Thay for the seene thare was a little hollow to Cross close to the cabbin so When thay reached the top of the hill at the hollow and in thar in plain vewe of the cabbin  and it ------a flame of fire. Thay could see the logs all flaming with fire. Thay made all spede across the hollow  when thay reached the top of the hill thay war nearly rite at the house and evry thing as dark as coffee. I have forgeten whether the men went to the cabbin or turned back. Those tricks with many others not named occurd evry nite for many months. Those circumstances named above reports from many different people. 

I will give a small sketch of my own experience in a battle with hero and you many be shire it wasant a very plesant one but this was rather earley part of the ware while it was in the minds of the people that it some percen plaing of on the family. And this is what we all thought that we could ketch the fellow who was doing all the mischief. Bill Spyer, his brother, Henry Wombles and myselfe concluded one day we would go that night and see if we could detect whatever it mout be. I think we go to the cabin just about knight. All was at pece. We all set round  the fire chating with family untill about bed time. Hero had commensed his small tricks for some time. Before we got ready for bed when the old lady commensed preparing for lodging. I spoke up and sed the old lady I want you to make a pallett between the bed and the fire place so I can lay on a punchan that hero is in habbit of lifting to shoe the lite under the floor. I told her I com to spend the nite with the hound and I was determed to cope with it through the night. I didend care what all it did even if it made ware I would give it the beste I had in the shop. I saw my chat apeared to rather tickel the old lady. I looked her square in the eyes. I concated I could see a little kind of a cuning smile in her eyes that looked to me a little suspisious. This brought bed time the first to beed was the old man and lady next was young man and Bill Spyers lay on -----Ike, Henry and myself all on the beed maid down we ware last to beed but  all this time hero was proforming his little tricks. Soon after we got in bed thare began a knocking on the beed board of the old mans beed. Its proformance was like a fesent on an old log began slow taperd to a point.

We had covered the fire by the old orde. She sed it cut up when it was dark. We paid little attention to the knocking on the head board. Lay as mute as mice. It wasant long till hero got under the beed and begin clawing. I concluded I wold crawl under the and see what it was doing. Soon as I got near the place the noise secede. I crawled up to the place and hero skipt. Couldent find a thing. Crawled in evry nuke under it. It was dark as a dungeon. I crawled back to bed Directly. Hero was back clawing wors then before. I crawled back.When I got near hero skipted. I felt round whent back to beed. Wasant long till hero was back still wors. I crawled the third time found nothing and quit. When I started to crawl under the third time hero was clawing as though he was going-----place. I crawled slile along thinking perhaps I could get hold of him before he now I was but just as I was getting ready to make my grab hero skipt left. Evry thing dark and silant. I maid a general surch and making no desion I concluded to give up the job and let hero finish his clawing by him self. So I crawled back to beed and finely went to sleep leving him scraching and knocking on the head board. Hero went on with his other tricks all through the nite so that any one was awake thay could hear hero cuteing.

My supossion is this When hero found out that he couldant torment me he concluded to give Bill Spyers a round. Hero puled out the table in its usuaule place to eat and went to the cubbord which was close to Bill. He was awak. Hero got plates set them on the table, Bill sed he could hear him walk back and forth with his dishes. Bill sed he apeared to take concideable pains to see evry thing to its proper place and after all Heros trouble fixing Bill couldent get up and take supper with Hero. Hero mout have taken a bitter insult at Bills refusal . So hero concluded he would give Bill a diffrant Doste. He threwe his big ball in the loft toled it out of the lofte, Slanting a long the wall to Bills beed and then over his legs. Hurt and benumed his legs roled of on the floor disapeared. We will now tell just at the coming of day I slept dreeming I thought Hero got under the floor and lifted the punchen I was laing on. Crawled out and began to crawl under the cover getting in beed with me. I thought I raised up and caut Hero and pounded him rufley and in the tussell I waked up but Hero had hid for a worse battle. Just about this time Henry waked up. We found each other ses well how did you stand it through the night the other sed just tolarable just at that time caim back a rock struck  the floor in two inches of my head. When the rock struck it stuck and the nois –epringled every direction like the streeks from the Sun. This rock it maid as loud a report as unhaunted rock wheaing ten pounds falling from the rufe of the house. I jumped up told Ike to run around the house one way me around the other. We found no bougher out thar. Came back just as I stept in the house cabumb another rock fell at my feete. I picket it up went pickd up the one came near braining my head this ended a nite Battle.

Different things acured not named. It was months this in fact it continued so long that (torn off) got tired of so much company thay requested the (torn off) sece coming. It was thare performing its tricks as (torn off) people attended the place. In a short time after I (torn off) cabin I went to Scuyler County Missouri tuck the (torn off) rock with me give to my brother after a certen -----of time I disremember how long the family left ----and moved to southwest Missouri. Thay lefte thare was a man riding by the house. Just he got opsit the hous thar was a big dog ---- him scard his horse and he runaway with the man ----trick to the hors man an went on. After that another man was riding by. Just as he got oppset the house a empty barrel came roling at him. Scard his horse he runaway. The barriel about as bare as the dog. After this preacher, Malin Spers was riding by the cabbin. A little before he got to the house he heard a child cring in the house. He rode up to the door it continued to cry. He lit of his horse and stept in the house the crying stopt. As soon as he entered the inside of the house. He got on his horse went home. That about winds up my knowledge of th Gost. As soon as I left the cabbin and got hom I pernounced it wich craft and nothing short. I concated I could see the wich in the old ladys eyes that night and it wasant long till the people generaly endorsed my dession.


D K Capps the other of the haunted Story


March 21 Easter Sunday 1889

April 1, 1888 Easter Sunday

June 16, 1889 wrote to Casander Capps Hamilton rec. letter June 22 Sat 1889