Family Tree of Luanne Lynne Vernon Henthorn

Samuel Timmons [Parents] was born in 1808 in PA. He died before 1860 in Monroe Co., OH. Samuel married Susan McMullen on 5 Mar 1829 in Belmont Co., OH.

Susan McMullen was born 1 about 1810 in PA. She died before 1890 in Monroe Co., OH. Susan married Samuel Timmons on 5 Mar 1829 in Belmont Co., OH.

In 1880, Susan is living with her daughter, Rachel Myers family.

They had the following children:

  M i John Timmons was born about 1832/1833.
  F ii Rachel Timmons
  M iii Lurry Timmons was born in 1843/1844.
  F iv Sarah E. Timmons
  F v Elizabeth A. Timmons was born 1 about 1855 in OH.

Thomas Caps 1.

He had the following children:

  F i Polly Capps
  M ii William Capps
  F iii Jennie Capps
  M iv Sampson Capps
  F v Jemima Capps
  M vi Jacob Capps
  F vii Annie Capps
  F viii Phoebe Capps
  M ix Willis Capps

James Ingles [Parents] [scrapbook] was born 1 on 9 Jul 1834 in Carroll Co., IN. He died 2 on 6 Oct 1914 in Rutland, British Columbia. James married Susannah Jane Martin on 3 Sep 1873 in Monroe Co., IA.

Other marriages:
Barnes, Sarah "Eveline"

James and Eveline were living in Adams, Carroll, IN in 1860 and Pleasant, Monroe, IA in 1870. In the 1870 Census, Ingles is spelled Angiles.

Susannah Jane Martin [Parents] [scrapbook] was born 1 on 25 Feb 1847 in Washington Co., IA. She died 2 on 6 Dec 1911 in Spokane, Spokane, WA and was buried on 8 Dec 1911 in Bemis Cem., Nr. Washtucna, Adams, WA. Susannah married James Ingles on 3 Sep 1873 in Monroe Co., IA.

They had the following children:

  F i Agnes Gertrude Ingles
  F ii Susie V. Ingles

Nathaniel C. Ingles was born 1 in 1798 in PA. He died 2 on 30 Aug 1864 in Knox Co., MO. Nathaniel married 3, 4 Eliza J. Hillis on 20/25 Aug 1833 in Jefferson Co., IN.

Nathaniel was a preacher in the Secedist Church.

Adams Township

Adams township was organized by the board of county commissioners at the May term 1828, and John Scott was appointed inspector of elections. The first election was held on the first Monday in August, 1831, and John Love was elected justice of the peace. Three trustees were elected at said election. The first school house was built on the farm of John Love in 1834. Thomas McLaughlin was the first school teacher. The first religious organizagion was the Associate Presbyterians in 1834. Rev. Nathaniel Ingles was the first pastor of the church.
Burnett's creek furnished excellent water power and a saw-mill was erected at Lockport by John A. Barnes in 1832. He built a grist-mill in 1835. Lockport was the only village in the township. It was located on the Wabash and Erie canal, and for many years a large amount of business was transacted at this place. John Newman built a saw-mill on Rattlesnake creek in 1834, and a few years later added a flouring-mill. A number of saw-mills were built by various persons.
Among the early settlers were William Hicks, John Love, John Crowell, Joseph Newman, Jacob Riegel, Peter Speece, Amassa Straight, John Barnes, Charles Wright, Daniel Hoover, Samuel Neill, James Small and others.

Eliza J. Hillis [Parents] was born 1, 2 on 16 Jul 1813 in Madison, Jefferson, IN. She died 3 on 30 Aug 1893 in Keokuk, Lee, IA and was buried in Oakland Cem., Keokuk, Lee, IA. Eliza married 4, 5 Nathaniel C. Ingles on 20/25 Aug 1833 in Jefferson Co., IN.


Miss Eliza J. Hillis was born July 16th, 1813, four miles east of Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana. On Aug. 25yh, 1833, she was married to Rev. Nathaniel Ingles who then located in Carrol County, Indiana, where he had charge of two congregations eighteen miles apart, Pleasant Run and Burnett's Creek, subsequently removing to the bounds of the last named congregation. Of this church he had charge from 1833 to 1859.
She had become a member of what is called the "Seceder" church at Mt. Carmel, Indiana, at the age of 16. Her membership continued thorughout her long life. In 1859, Mr. Ingles resigned his pastorate after which he labored as a supply -------- until he removed to Knox County, Missouri, in 1863. On Aug. 30th, 1864, he died; she then removed to Monroe County, Iowa to live with her children and during the last thirteen years of her life made her home with her daughter, Mrs. Sarah P. H. Pickens, first of Albia and afterwards in Keokuk, Iowa.
During the past eight years she has been an invalid and six weeks before her death she fell and fractured her hip bone. She died August 30th, 1893, just twenty-nine years from the day of her husband's death. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Williamson, pastor of the U.P. church of that city, at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. Pickens, No. 628 North 13th Street, Keokuk, Iowa.
The floral offerings were profuse and beautiful. The singing was conducted by Miss Cora Elgin. The ninety-third and the seventy-first psalms were sung, and later being one she had asked her son-in-law, Rev. joseph Norris, to read at her bedside a short time before her death.
The pall-bearers were H. Scott Howell, col. Blood, Wm. Fulton and Mrs. Ayer. The remains were laid in the Oakland Cemetery, Keokuk.
The end was peace - Granma Ingles just fell asleep in Jesus. She no fear of death, but said she was just awaiting her father's will to go home. Her last words were: "O wash me, cleanse me, purge me that I may be thoroughly clean."
She was the mother of nine children of whom four survive her, James Inlges of Kanona, Kas; Rev. John Ingles of Hoopston, Ill.; Mrs. Ealy Norris of Mablevale, Ark; and Mrs. Pickens. She leaves fifteen grandchildren and eleven great-grandchildren. Two of her brothers are living, Dr. D.B. Hillis of Keokuk, and Wm. C. Hillis of Ventura, Cal. and a sister Mrs. Margaret Wirt of Nickerson, Kas. Both her daughters were with her during her last illness.

Eliza was living by herself in Albia, Monroe, IA in 1880.

They had the following children:

  M i James Ingles
  F ii Eliza J. Ingles was born 1 about 1835 in IN. She died before 1893 in IN.
  M iii John Ingles
  F iv Sarah P. H. Ingles
  F v Martha E. "Ealy" Ingles was born 1 about 1845 in IN.
  M vi William T. Ingles was born 1 about 1847 in IN. He died before 1893 in IN.
  F vii Mary E. Ingles was born 1 about 1849 in IN. She died before 1893 in IN.

Hon. David Hillis [Parents] was born in 1785 in Washington Co., PA/VA. He died on 8 Jul 1845 in NR Madison, Jefferson, IN and was buried in Jul 1845 in NR Madison, Jefferson, IN. David married Aelia Werden.

Other marriages:
Burke, Margaret

Aelia Werden was born about 1785/1790. She died on 3 Apr 1818 in IN. Aelia married Hon. David Hillis.

They had the following children:

  F i Eliza J. Hillis
  M ii William C. Hillis

John Hillis [Parents]


Deamer Bruce Walker [scrapbook] was born 1 on 15 Jun 1857 in OH. He died 2 on 8 Jan 1942 in Ramona, Washington, OK and was buried in Jan 1942 in Ramona City Cem., Ramona, Washington, OK. Deamer married 3 Margaret L. Capps on 24 Nov 1881 in Oberlin, Decatur Co., KS.

Deamer was living in Jennings, Decatur, KS in 1880.

"Deamer Bruce Walker, 84, died at 5:50 a.m. yesterday at the home of his daughter Mrs. Elva Parker in Ramona after an illness of approx. 10 weeks. Walker, for may years a resident of Newkirk came to Ramona last April from Vinita. Surviving are the wife, one son Charles at Vinita; 2 daughters, Mary Purvis at Kirk, CO and Mrs. Parker of Ramona.
Burial at Ramona Cemetery."

Margaret L. Capps [Parents] [scrapbook] was born 1 on 18 May 1860 in MO. She died 2 on 3 Mar 1950 in Ramona, Washington, OK and was buried in Mar 1950 in Ramona City Cem., Ramona, Washington, OK. Margaret married 3 Deamer Bruce Walker on 24 Nov 1881 in Oberlin, Decatur Co., KS.

They had the following children:

  F i Elva May Walker
  F ii Mary Princess Walker
  M iii Thomas Walker
  M iv Charles Walker
  M v Cecil Opal Walker was born 1, 2 on 9 Jan 1903 in KS. He died 3 on 17 May 1922 in Near Dresden, Decatur, KS and was buried in Kanona Cem., Kanona, Decatur, KS.

Newspaper Clipping

The long search by anxious relatives for Cecil Walker, 19, son of D. B. Walker of Norton, ended this week when his uncle identified a body taken from a grave near Dresden as that of young Walker. The identification was made from clothing and articles he had in his pockets. He had been murdered.
Cecil accepted work and left here with the Christy Bros. Circus on May 15. As the days went by and his parents received no word from him, they became alarmed. They communicated with the circus in Montana. Descriptions and advertising were sent out over the country. A collection was made up and Sheriff Graves was sent to Northern Nebraska and South Dakota, where he saw the circus managers, but they could tell him nothing additional of Cecil's whereabouts.
A man was killed on the Rock Island railroad near Dresden several months ago. As he was not identified the body was buried. At that time Cecil's uncle wanted to examine the body closely but was not given much encouragement by officials in charge. The matter worried him so that he finally had the body taken from the grave.
The May 18 issue of the Telegram carried this item supposed to be about this same man: "The body of a man was found on the right-of-way of the Rock Island, two miles west of Dresden, yesterday. There was nothing on the body to identify it and it is not known whether the man was killed by comrades or in a fall from a train."
Now some six months later the body was removed from the grave and identified as that of young Walker. There were two bullet holes in the head, teeth were knocked out and the face skinned.
Rev. Germany went to Kanona today to hold funeral services: - Norton Telegram.

George Washington Salsbury [Parents] [scrapbook] was born 1 in Oct 1856 in IL. He died after 1930. George married Emma L. Capps on 11 Oct 1879 in MO.

George was a muleskinner in Cripple Creek, CO. And could walk on his hands.

Emma L. Capps [Parents] [scrapbook] was born 1 on 30 Jan 1862 in Schuyler Co., MO. She died on 4 Feb 1918 in Near Kanopolis, Ellsworth, KS and was buried in Feb 1918 in Ellsworth Cem., Ellsworth Co., KS. Emma married George Washington Salsbury on 11 Oct 1879 in MO.

"Emma L. Salisbury, daughter of T. A. Capps of this county died at her home near Kanopolis, Kansas February 4 1918. She was born in Schuyler Co., MO January 30 1862, died aged 56 years 5 days. She came with her father to Decatur county 1879. In August the same year she was married to George W. Salsbury. To this union seven children were born 4 boys, 3 girls. Two children dying in infancy. In 1905 they moved from Decatur to Wallace County on a homestead. In 1911 moved to Ellsworth County. Buried Ellsworth Cemetery."

They had the following children:

  F i Eva Allen Salsbury
  M ii Bert C. "Bertie" Salsbury
  M iii Benjamin Franklin "Frank" Salsbury
  F iv Ellen Salsbury was born in Sep 1890.
  M v Clyde Edgar Salsbury

Max Brent Vernon [Parents]

Martha Ventre

They had the following children:

  F i Shirley Maxine Vernon
  M ii Raymond Charles Vernon
  M iii Gerald Russel Vernon
  F iv Donna Rea Vernon
  F v Vicki Lee Vernon
  F vi Marcel Kay Vernon
  M vii Ronald Winfield Vernon

Thomas Armstrong was born 1 about 1794 in NC. He married Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was born 1 about 1797 in NC. She married Thomas Armstrong.

They had the following children:

  F i Permelia Ann Armstrong
  M ii David Armstrong was born 1 about 1834 in MO.
  F iii Rebecca Armstrong was born 1 about 1837 in MO.

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