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Lady Lavynder's Genealogy Starting Page

Name: Lady Lavynder (Luanne L. Henthorn)
Email: lavynder@greyface.com

Lady Lavynder is an avid Genealogical Researcher and frequent contributor to the Query Boards at Ancestry.com and Genealogy.com. You can view her own personal Family Tree from this page by clicking here.

Transcription Services:

One of the toughest jobs facing any genealogical researcher is transcribing written pages into some computer-friendly format. Lady Lavynder is not only familiar with this problem, but well suited to help. Having worked very hard with the Last Indian Raid Museum (Oberlin, Decatur County, KS) plus the USGENWEB - Decatur Co. KS website, she is very skilled in converting your written information into computer documents. Please contact her at lavynder@greyface.com for more information.

Family Tree Site: (click to the left to view my Family Tree)

I use the Personal Ancestral File program available free from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to maintain and produce a complete Family Tree for my site. I have spent many hours researching and entering data as a result of my work. I highly recommend their program as it is easy to use and loaded with excellent features. However, If you are looking for a more robust commercial program, please be sure to take a look at Family Tree Maker.

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Family Names of Interest:

Like so many other genealogical researchers, I have a few family surnames and trees that are of particular interest to me. In my case it is because they are my direct ancestors, and to some extent, of unique intrigue to me. Click HERE to visit my Families of Interest page.

GED File Download:

GED files are a universal way to exchange information on family relationships and individuals. The PAF program I use produces a version 5.0 GED file which may be imported into PAF and other programs. To download a copy of my most recent GED file, click here. If you have problems downloading the file, try using this link instead.
(Note: If you are NOT prompted to save the file from any of the links here, try Right-Clicking on the link then selecting the "Save Target As..." menu option.)

Historical Trips to Sites in North Carolina

I have had the opportunity to visit and photograph several historical sites in and around the state of North Carolina. Because of the heavy Quaker background in my family line, these trips have mainly been to Quaker Meeting Houses and Cemeteries. Below are the links to the various picture pages for each of the different trips.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q: How do I get copies of the pictures on your site?
A: Find the picture you are looking for by using either the Search Page, the Name Index or the Surname List. When you see it in your browser, put the mouse pointer over it and right-click the picture. A small menu should pop up with several options shown. Choose "Save Picture As..." then select the location (folder) on your computer where you want to save the picture. Make sure you remember where you saved it. If you are unable to use the above procedure, please contact me directly using the email address shown at the top of this page.

Q: Can I search for a specific name or place on your site?
A: Yes, I have provided a simple search page that lets you do some rather powerful searches. You may enter a name, a place, or even a date and you will receive a list of pages containing your query words.


LavynderCalc is a simple program that eases one of the more mundane math chores in Genealogical Research; calculating birth date, age at death, and death date. Free to all, easy to use, we think you'll like using it.

Here are just a few of the places I have found very useful. If you have any additional resources you think might be beneficial here, please write to either myself or the webmaster at webmaster@greyface.com

Printable Census Forms on Genealogy.com

Family Group Record printable form (2 pages)
  http://www.genealogy-mall.com/fgr.htm - page 1
  http://www.genealogy-mall.com/fgr2.htm - page 2

Decatur County Kansas

How to obtain Vital Records for any state

The USGenWeb Project home page

Debbi and Dennis' Genealogy Pages

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